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Comical but Abroubtly Short

Graphics: The flash was somewhat accurately animated compared to moment of the graphics. The actual graphics were still simple but did not cease to deliver the punch-line; although the flash was significantly short, it still made me chuckle.

Ideas: The concept of this Counter-Strike parody was not just funny but realistic to the actual gameplay of the original work, making the comedy easier to relate to, although this is a single-joke flash, it animates only one punch line.

The Animation/Summary: The animation was rather simplistic although it did not fail to satisfy, there was nearly no other point in this flash besides the one joke and the madness characters.

Constructive Criticism: The only places to improve are the length of the comedy and the animation is a big one; as it was far too simple and short to yet be compared to larger shorts. I found the overall flash quite funny and would say it was a satisfactory quick-short in terms of flash.


janfon1 responds:

Thanks. I'll be better next time.


I am traumatizev lol

it liked it a bit it was vary creepy though.


thy r fighting over it a lot, lol.
it cud be longer so i can right a beatter review so not much 2 say but i like it, i think if it was longer it will be rilly good.

SWiTCH responds:

It certainly could be longer!

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A Good Start! This game combines adequate graphics, with an experimental attempt at programming, and a mellow way to pass the time.

For every game designer, we all have a first few tries at designing a game. Some are a bit too simple to be published (in a serious context), but I think this one fall into the category of just enough bang to remain entertaining.

The graphics appear quite introductory to flash. You can tell that the author has much more interest in programming, as the game has substantially more focus into the code and game design of this project. The coding of it seems to be quite simple, but effective, and a nice beginning to the code needed to make a decent, platformer, good enough for one's professional portfolio. The game design is quite simple, but still has the hit and miss gameplay principles applied. (A concept that adds to more addictive gameplay.)

Overall, a great start into the vast world of flash game design. Keep it up, and you're skill will grow!

Possibly One of the Most Simple Games Out There

The concept is very simplistic, even for a game of the genre, there is not much to do here. Although it does have setting, and is very "easy to picture", it is not depicted with "clean" conversions -or even ones that can be inferred- of setting or action between slides.

The gameplay is very unique, yet common, in an unappealing way. The bare concept of picking a (very distinct) person out in a small crowd is a rather tedious task, and is achieved in our every day lives, with or without enjoyment- in whatever way you would relish spotting a person who has very unique appearance, especially compared to their surrounding.

The single track music is the most attractive aspect of the production. It has a catchy tune, and provokes a "high point" to the overall experience. However, it is only one loop and can lacks variety (that coordinates to the happenings in play, e.g. a change in scenery).

Overall, I would conclude that this game is appealing to a younger audience (or people like me who are trying some variety in play), and lacks design characteristics such as further complexity, variation in play, etc.

Great Technical Engeneering; Poor Graphics

The engine of the game is really professionally built, the smoothing the stop of the player' motion, the ball being sent back from the player when said person is hit, the moment of the obstacles and many more programming techniques. However, the graphics are rather excessively basic and disrupt the gameplay (up to a certain extent).

The game is really well made, the only lack is the overly simplistic visuals.

The design is rather initially initiating for gameplay, only to last for a couple minutes. The high scores feature adds enjoyment and replay appeal- though a more multiplayer and self-compared system would become more appreciated (especially in the opening market of social gaming).

Hope this helps :D


samu10400 responds:

Thanks, but I'm a very bad graphist. I will make my possible to make the game look prettier. I'll also see what I can do for score sharing.
EDIT: Bad news. Seems that I can't do this with with the software that has helped me.

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i rilly like it 4 some reason;)

a nice loop that gos in & out with it's cool hight pitched sound... - 7.5 stars

vdorod responds:

Thanks johnny!



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