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Oops, new submit coming later, game hosting in the meanwhile

2012-08-29 13:06:03 by JOHNNY29

Sorry, I've not submitted the new animation I promised, I haven't gotten around to polishing it up. I lost the USB it was on and am currently searching for it.

In the meanwhile from that, I've been working on my TF2 game server. I got a new one as the old one didn't get enough attention from me, I started fresh and scrapped the old.

Find it at

Btw, did I mention the new short is a clay mation? :) It's also a collab I did offline.

Working on New Submits

2012-02-08 07:06:28 by JOHNNY29

I've (tried) submitted a drawing from this year... Unfortunitly, my browser keeps crashing. :/

I am also finishing up an animation I am going to submit.

Enjoy the redesign!

New Icons Out Soon

2011-10-10 15:11:15 by JOHNNY29

Omg, Omg, Omg... ns ns hicons ons ons shicons ons ns hicons cons icons ons ns ons m/flashicons ons ons cons s lashicons icons ons /flashicons icons ons icons lashicons cons cons ns s icons shicons hicons hicons
http://The-Super-Flash-Bros.newgrounds .com/flashicons ns ns s m/flashicons cons ons lashicons icons
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Happy NG Birthday: To Me

2011-09-01 07:24:17 by JOHNNY29

I've hit my fourth year on NG, jeez, NG really is the time waster. :D I'm also working on a few games- though I'm mostly just trying to see what one I can get the farthest to submit first. Summer is almost over, and I've only been reading Wikipedia and playing the pack of classic 1990s games I bought for the most. I'll try to finish this game on breaks through the year-if not earlier. Later, and have a great year!

P.S. I can't wait for the writing portal :c

Working on New Website!!!

2010-05-22 10:12:04 by JOHNNY29

It's still in dev, but you can still check out some temp-pages I made...

It's just as good right?

Well, when I have it done it will be avalible here.

I'm working on a few mini-sites (and even a facebook app) as well...

Follow me for updates!

PS: I'm looking for help... If I can get 8 people to agree to becoming active on my server, I will set up a TF2 server!

UPDATE: I got a TF2 Server!!!! /

-------> To join, Copy and Paste steam://connect/ into browser.

If you get a 403 error, take out the "/home/" in the URl and try that...
Or highlight the text in the URL and hit enter.
If you find any other ways please tell me (comment or pm).

I got Team Fortress 2

2010-05-10 09:48:31 by JOHNNY29

I just bought the game and I'll say it's quite the play.

Check it out AksumkA's server if you get the chance.

<-- UPDATE --> The above server is offline. The new one is THIS


I hvae found probaly the most awesomest server ever! /

I set up a blog...

2010-03-19 08:17:46 by JOHNNY29

I am using it as a new site!

It's still new but I'll update it when I got some new stuff to say!


Happy St. Patrick's Day!

2010-03-17 12:28:48 by JOHNNY29

I made a little list of the icons that you see 53242#bbspost20917385.

Note: I think the green aura is a bit then neutral.


Happy New Month

2010-03-01 05:59:26 by JOHNNY29

Speaking of new month, this is the day I get my new level. :o


2010-02-25 15:54:59 by JOHNNY29

I'm sorry for not posting but I've got so many updates, and not enough time to post them.

Well I've been wondering if I should link to my new stat in my BBS sig.

I'll have a poll or something...


Btw you can try wasting time at the NG Wiki, they've got some valuble info over there...