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We need new members.

2009-02-12 11:00:47 by JOHNNY29

Please join the NG Digg Team, we need more people to help support NG and also artists who submited overlooked flash.

Here is a list of things that we would like for you to Digg. in_of_Fire_5 em_Destroyer_2_4 udio_Portal _n_Me_9 her_7 ness_Regent_Run_n_Gun _Hominid_Online _Rooms_Newgrounds ievement_Unlocked_Newgrounds o_Run_8 Grounds_Pass_3 ng_In_My_Way sure_unique_new_flash_game _Off_My_Planet_4 swold_the_Goblin_2_Ch_1_Point_and_Clic k_Adventure nd_Jeff_s_2008_NG_poster _Wii_Store_from_Your_Own_Computer he_Edmund_CD_from_NG book_Tour_08 _NiN10Doh onotron_11 grounds_Rumble_3 termind_World_Conqueror_2 tore
Song_by_Tom_Fulp _Flash_tutorials y_Roly_Poly_Cannon ounds_Tank_Awards_Teaser om_sets_up_a_Twitter_feed imate_Crab_Battle_5 ud_Buster mo_Track n_Doors_8 demic_II_3 sh_Empires_3_5 ble_Tanks_2_14 gout _Virus_7 imes_Y_Newgrounds resh_new_free_flash_game_Jungle_Twiste r tal_Defenders_Newgrounds_com y_Agnry_Faic_2 y_Battle_Fish y_Muscomorpha io_Movie_Maker_4_has_been_released taDrill_5 ic_the_Hedgehog_Online_Game

Thank you.

- Johnny

Miscellaneous section

I will be available to the digg team at 7:00 EST most mornings.

Please link to this post in your sig.

For updates bookmark this page. (and visit it on a day to day basis)

If you have any suggestions feel free to comment.


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2009-02-12 11:15:09

I think I'll join.

(Updated ) JOHNNY29 responds:

Thank you, you are making a great contribution to the community.


2009-02-12 17:58:13

Give me a spade and I'll do it.